7.69 Billion views on YouTube (Despacito) most-streamed song in the world.

Despacito is the most-streamed song in the world as of Jan 2022. Similarly, its video has more than 7.69 billion views, making it the second most-watched video on YouTube after "Baby Shark Dance" with 9.96B views.

7.69 Billion views on YouTube (Despacito) most-streamed song in the world.

Luis Fonsi net worth from Despacito, how much money did he make?

Luis Fonsi a Puerto is a famous singer who made this popular song titled Despacito together with Daddy Yankee, Erika Ender, amd Justin Bieber as the song writers. Despacito was made together with the songwriters, so he also had to share the profits with the songwriters. he made $ 3.2 million at least from YouTube. As of 2021, he has a net worth of $16 million.

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